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The SimplytheBest software directory offers you several main software categories, each with its subject related sub categories. No spyware, no adware, no popups, no nonsense.

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Action   Arcade   Board   Card   Casino   Fighting   Flying   Girls   Other   Puzzle   Racing   RPG   Shooting   Sports   War

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Business news
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3D   accordion   admin   AngularJS   animation   Apache   API   audio gallery   autocomplete   autoheight   background   boilerplate   Bootstrap   browser   cache   calendar   carousel   CGI   characters   charts   classes   clone   CMS   CoffeeScript   color picker   controls   cookies   count   countdown   countto   CRUD table   CSS   CSV   customizer   D3   dashboard   database   datagrid   datepicker   datetime   disable   display   Django   DOM   drag drop   easing   edit   editor   effects   email   embed   encryption   Excel   export   extract records   feeds   file upload   firewall   Flash   flipbook   fonts   form   Foundation   framework   FreeBSD   generator   graphs   grid   Grunt   hashchange   header   height   highlight   hovercard   htaccess   icons   image gallery   image load   image rotation   image zoom   infinite scroll   input   JOIN   Joomla   jPlayer   jQuery   jQuery Mobile   jQuery UI   JS loader   JSON   keyboard events   language   layout   lazy load   Less   library   lightbox   listbox   load more   maps   menu   menu tree   Meteor   mobile   modal   mouseover   mousewheel   music   MVC   MVVM   MySQL   newsletter   Node   notification   operating system   pagination   parallax   parser   password strength   PDF   PHP   player   playlist   plugin   preload   progress bar   push menu   Python   rating   repository   resize   responsive   retina display   review   router   RSS   SASS   scrollbars   scroller   scrollto   search   search engine   security   select   sendform   SEO   share   sitemap   slide   slide menu   slider   slideshow   social network   sparklines   spinner   spreadsheet   sticky   style switcher   suggest   SVG   swipe   switch   tabs   tags   task manager   templates   testing   textarea   themes   TOC   toggle   tooltip   touch   tour   transitions   tween   Twitter   typography   UI   unpack   validation   video   viewport   visibility   visualizations   web server   window   wizard   Wolf   WordPress   WYSIWYG   XML   YouTube   Zepto   zoom

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