Autopreneur AI

Unleash an AI-powered marketing revolution with Flipbooks. Skyrocket traffic, engage effortlessly, boost sales, and make your digital presence unforgettable in seconds!

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Groundbreaking A.I. Tech creates 100s of engaging, memorable Flipbooks with Auto lead generation + Fully Monetized system. Publish UNLIMITED profitable, LOCKED “Kindle-Like” Flipbooks in just 3 clicks. Fully Monetized + Auto Lead Generation system built in.

  • Select from 7+ sources to create content for your Flipbook or let ChatGPT write unique content for you in a few clicks.
  • AI will then convert it into a beautiful interactive LOCKABLE Flipbook. Add images, videos, links, call-to-actions, opt-in forms and more for maximum engagement.
  • 1-click share anywhere you want – website, email, social media.


Easily monetize your FlipBooks in multiple ways – from affiliate marketing, CPA offers, ecom products, freelancing gigs and more.

STB Classifieds

STB Classifieds are curated classified ads that can be placed by anyone wishing to advertise products or services on the SimplytheBest Marketplace.

You only pay a monthly subscription and you can cancel it anytime. No long term contracts. Your ad is shown as an STB Classifieds and listed in its category, and in the search results.

Early adopters can benefit by signing up now while the fee is low.

As long as your subscription is running, the fee will remain the same. As SimplytheBest grows, the monthly fees will increase accordingly for newcomers.

Looking forward to seeing your Classified Ad live!