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Meteocons Font
Font: Meteocons
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Meteocons is a set of weather icons containing 40+ icons available in PSD, CSH, EPS, SVG, Desktop font and Web font.

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  snow-inv  snow-heavy-inv  hail-inv  windy-inv  sunrise  sun  moon  mist  wind  snowflake  cloud-sun  cloud-moon  fog-sun  fog-moon  fog-cloud  fog  cloud  cloud-flash  cloud-flash-alt  drizzle  rain  windy  windy-rain-inv  clouds-inv  clouds-flash-inv  temperature  compass  na  celcius  fahrenheit  clouds-flash-alt  sun-inv  moon-inv  cloud-sun-inv  cloud-moon-inv  cloud-inv  cloud-flash-inv  drizzle-inv  rain-inv  eclipse  windy-rain  snow  snow-alt  snow-heavy  hail  clouds  clouds-flash


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