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The 8 best datetime scripts

Add datepicker picker to field or to any other element. Can be used as a component.

XDate By: Adam Shaw

A thin wrapper around JavaScript's native Date object that provides enhanced functionality for parsing, formatting and manipulating dates. It implements the same methods as the native Date.

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A jQuery plugin that sets a div or span to show a countdown to a given time and date.

A JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating and formatting dates.

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A complete date/time picker based on Twitter Bootstrap.

timeago By: Ryan McGeary
Free MIT

A jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps like "4 minutes ago" or "about 1 day ago" from ISO 8601 formatted dates and times embedded in your HTML.

Kalendae By: Jocelyn Badgley
Free MIT

Kalendae is an attempt to do something that nobody has yet been able to do: make a date picker that that just works.

Luxon is a library for working with dates and times in JavaScript with an immutable, chainable, unambiguous API.