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A free online service that performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet.

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A jQuery plugin that lets you play a Youtube movie in a chromeless player or use a movie as a background of your HTML page.

PHP sample code how to populate a jPlayer playlist from a MySQL database.

This solution helps you to use listboxes in multiple records and to update the database using Ajax when the selection of a listbox changes. Thereafter it will show a temporary message under the listbox.

A collection of stylish CSS lists.

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A sequential image rotation script. The images will refresh every set amount of seconds.

A dynamic search bar script, to display or hide a search box at a time by clicking a text link or image. You can include many search forms in the same bar, limiting the length of the table.

178   6794 # search

This PHP snippet receives the member ID from a form or from a link and retrieves the wanted data from the database, sends the e-mail and ends with one of two options.

This contact form uses jQuery and Bootstrap to deliver a nice user experience.

Select2 By: Igor Vaynberg
Free Apache2+GPL

A jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, sorting, tagging, remote data sets, auto tokenization, drag and drop sorting and infinite scrolling of results.