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The simply the best collection of CRUD scripts

A jQuery plugin that is used to create AJAX based CRUD tables without coding HTML or Javascript.

phpSPO By: Vadim Gremyachev
Free MIT

The library provides a Office365 client for PHP applications. It allows to performs CRUD operations againts Office 365 resources via an REST/OData based API.

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DataTables By: SpryMedia

A jQuery plugin that adds advanced interactive controls to any HTML table. Displays data from almost any data source, on-the-fly filtering, Ajax auto loading of data, hidden columns, scrolling options, and jQuery UI ThemeRoller support. Extensive plug-in support (sorting, editing, type detection, API functions, pagination, filtering) and more.

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Laravel Admin Panel By: AppzCoder

A Laravel admin panel for managing users, roles, permissions and CRUD.

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CRUD Admin Generator By: Jon Segador
Free MIT

Generate a complete backend from a MySql database programmed with the Silex framework.

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Example API that performs CRUD operations By: Hicri
Free PHP license

This package provides an example API that performs CRUD operations. It shows how to register routes for the API URLs so specific controller classes can handle the requests. The package can run the API by processing the HTTP requests to the registered endpoint URLs and generating API call responses using view scripts. Uses PHP 7.0+ with PDO drivers enabled for: MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0+ for spatial features in MySQL.

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Ala PHP API Micro-Framework By: Leonardo Di Sarli

Generate base code for API using a query builder. It uses the Lumen package and the query builder to generate base code for an API that implements simple CRUD operations automatically. The package also generates code to implement unit and feature testing.

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PHP CRUD Application By: Rodrigo Faustino
Free MIT/X

Create a simple CRUD application. The class provides a base class that can access a MySQL database using the MySQLi extension. Several CRUD classes use the base class to execute SQL queries to perform several CRUD operations.

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