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This solution helps you to use listboxes in multiple records and to update the database using Ajax when the selection of a listbox changes. Thereafter it will show a temporary message under the listbox.

A dynamic search bar script, to display or hide a search box at a time by clicking a text link or image. You can include many search forms in the same bar, limiting the length of the table.

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A sequential image rotation script. The images will refresh every set amount of seconds.

This PHP snippet receives the member ID from a form or from a link and retrieves the wanted data from the database, sends the e-mail and ends with one of two options.

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To extract a random record from f.e. a MySQL table you can use this sample PHP code to get you going. The snippet uses rand() to generate a random number and LIMIT to select the record from the SQL table.

Use this simple script to highlight a paragraph, a sentence or a word.

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With this script you limit the number of characters allowed in an input box or textarea. The script counts and displays the number of characters with each keystroke.

This PHP snippet shows you how to generate RSS Feeds from MySQL database records on the fly. Easy and straightforward.

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PHP snippet to connect to a MySQL database using a file for the connection and an include statement in the page needing to connect.

Shows a text or image when you move your mouse over an element.

This is a PHP snippet that shows how to extract the latest additions (What's New) from a MySQL table using PHP.

How to join results from one MySQL table while counting matching records in another table and sorting the result according to the count of the 2nd table using PHP.

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All button effects and animations we include in this page are available for free, so feel free to use them as you please.

A simple confirmation dialog in Javascript.

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A SimplytheBest collection of Vue code snippets. We think it will give you a good idea of the possibilities of this new upcoming Ajax framework, and possibly get you hooked.

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A user-friendly navigation menu is one of the most important components of any modern device responsive Web site.

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Some great effects can be created using SVG.

 573    102 # SVG # Effects

How to fix a critical error in WordPress.

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Timelines are a great way to visualize processes.

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Some nice background animated effects can be created using just CSS.