SimplytheBest Cookies Scripts

The simply the best collection of cookies scripts

js-cookie By: Klaus Hartl
Free MIT

A simple lightweight JavaScript for reading, writing and deleting cookies.

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A tiny JavaScript library that simplifies cookies.

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Create a Cookie Banner with Elementor Popups By: Complianz BV

This guide explains how to create a popup template with Cookie Banner functionality.

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Cookie Consent By: Orest Bida
Free MIT

Cookie Consent is a lightweight and GDPR compliant cookie consent plugin written in plain JavaScript.

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jQuery handleStorage By: Jason Gerfen
Free GNU

A jQuery plug-in that can save form data in cookies, local or session storage. It can take the values of a given form input and save them in several types of storage containers. It supports session storage, local storage and cookies for non-HTML 5 compliant browsers. It also supports encrypting the saved form data with AES encryption and load previously saved values from the container.

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