SimplytheBest Notification Scripts

The simply the best collection of notification scripts

Toastr By: CodeSeven
Free MIT

A Javascript library for non-blocking toast notifications.

Gritter By: Jordan Boesch
Free MIT

A notification bubble/popup that appears in the window.

Oh Snap! By: Justin Domingue
Free MIT

A simple notification jQuery/Zepto library designed to be used in mobile apps.

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Noty v2 By: Nedim Arabaci
Free MIT

A jQuery plugin to create alert confirmation messages. Each notification can be added to a queue. Positions: top - topLeft - topCenter - topRight - center - centerLeft - centerRight - bottom - bottomLeft - bottomCenter - bottomRight.

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jQuery Growl By: David Higgins
Free MIT

A Growl like notification plugin for jQuery originally written for jQuery 1.2 and updated for jQuery 1.10+. The latest version comes with a Bootstrap 3 example.

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