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A cleaner greener future?


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Everyone at The EV Riders is anxious to welcome you as an EV rider in the near future. And to aid you in this quest, we collect and share all information we can find to enable you to become an EV Rider as affordably and well informed as is possible. Upon request, you can receive a list of the best deals we could find for the vehicle you requested it for.

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A cleaner greener future?


Join The EV Riders in their worthy quest, so we can all enjoy a cleaner, greener future for ourselves and for future generations! You can sign up for free, and receive some of the many benefits we intend to offer you in the years to come. As a club, we can negotiate better deals from the many different manufacturers around the world.

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As long as your subscription is running, the fee will remain the same. As SimplytheBest grows, the monthly fees will increase accordingly for newcomers.

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